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Decades of knowledge, service and the best machine tools in the industry allow us to provide you with manufacturing solutions designed to improve your cutting solution workflows.

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Gang rip saw
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Wood Processing Machines

Offers solutions for a wide array of operations from small woodworking shops, to large progressive manufacturing plants.

Aluminum beam cut
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Advanced Aluminum Cutting

We provide solutions for cutting aluminum with CNC machining centers as well as other machine cutting options.

Plastic Cutting with CNC
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Plastic Cutting Machines

Application-specific tooling solutions for the plastics industry and manufacturers looking for high-precision, high-feed machinery.

metal printing
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3D Printers For Manufacturing

Full color prints, engineered plastics, injection molded surface finishes, and fully dense metal parts, we can help you do it all.

Carbon fiber texture
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Composites For The Future

Energy-saving products for markets such as automotive, aerospace, wind energy and infrastructure.

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Let Us Help You Find The Right Solution For Your Business Needs

Let Us Help You Find The Right Solution For Your Business Needs

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