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C.R. Onsrud Event Invite – X-Series Extrusion CNC Machining Demo Day


Want to learn how CNC machinery could improve your manufacturing?

C.R. Onsrud 5-Axis X Series for Cutting Aluminum Extrusions

Come visit C.R.Onsrud for the X-Series Extrusion Machining Demo Day – an opportunity to dive deep into the applications, options, opportunities, and efficiency that come with CNC Extrusion Machining.


Mark your calendars

The C.R. Onsrud X-Series Demo Day will take place at C.R. Onsrud’s Manufacturing Headquarters in Troutman, North Carolina, February 4th from 9:30 AM to 2:30 PM. Lunch will be provided by C.R. Onsrud. Recommended hotel and airport information will be provided upon event registration. 


WHAT TO EXPECT: Live machining demos, in-depth options and applications overview, in-depth programming software seminar, C.R. Onsrud factory tours, lunch, Q&A sessions with engineers and sales representatives.

This event is in North Carolina and not at Scarlett Machinery, so please contact us if you have any questions.

The latest addition to the C.R. Onsrud lineup is the new 5-Axis X Series – a CNC machining center for heavy and complex linear profile extrusions in aluminum, plastic and other advanced materials. The X Series delivers five-sided machining capability, a large capacity saw-blade, and a fully programmable, servo adjustable clamping system (incorporating part separation and indexing). 

The chip management/collection system and a very efficient overall footprint complete the most versatile machining solution currently available in this class. The modular design allows for extended platform lengths to be configured according to facility/product needs, thus offering a viable solution for an array of finished parts production. C.R. Onsrud Service and Support provides the level of reliability demanded by the industry, thus the X Series by C.R. Onsrud is an innovative, effective answer to streamlining your manufacturing process. The future is now for Aluminum Extrusion Machining!

616-871-9889 or sales@scarlettinc.com

Aluminum Extrusion Machining Center
Aluminum Extrusions


Scarlett is doing Oktoberfest again this year!!!

Did you miss AWFS this year? Come check out the newest technology that you missed at the show. Even if you did go to the show, stop by for a pretzel and a more personalized showing on how we can help optimize your woodshop.

Come join us for Oktoberfest and Tech Expo.

We’d love to give you a tour of our facility and show you the latest technology in solid wood and panel processing. We have recently added many new machines to our showroom floor and will be running demos and seminars all day.

Arrive hungry, we will be serving German food both days!

When: October 29 and 30th from 9am-5pm 

Where: Scarlett Inc. Headquarters in Grand Rapids Michigan

Why: Scarlett recently brought in many new machines into our showroom. We have added 4 New Holzher and 3 New Weinig Machines, we will also have a few C.R Onsrud CNC routers as well. We will also be showcasing machinery from Nederman, Doucet, PMK, Sawstop, and Cresswood. There will be factory reps on hand to answer any questions. 

We will be running demos and workshops all day demonstrating how to optimize your woodshop.

Here is the schedule for the seminars we will be running each day during the show.


Seminars – Tuesday, Oct 29

9:30 am – Scrap to Cash$:
See how to reduce your scrap handling cost & how to increase the value of your scrap with the correct shredding & grinding equipment. by Bret DeCamp – Cresswood Shredding

10:00 am – The ABC’s of CNC:
What you should know before purchasing a CNC Router.
by Ken Stissel C.R. Onsrud

10:30 am – Don’t Get Pushed Over the Edge:
Edge Banding fundamentals.
by Tim Keaveny, HolzHer

11:00 am – What’s the Best Financing Fit for your Business:
You picked out your machine but now how do you pay for it?
by Tom Strickfaden

LUNCH BREAK -German Food

1:30 pm – Stop getting “Ripped$” off by your Yield:
Understanding Rip and Cross Cut Yield
by Bob Nahikian, Weinig

2:00 pm – The Dirty Secret about Dust Collection:
by Conan Burkhardt, Nederman

3:00 pm – $Pay Now or $Pay Later:
Learn how tooling directly effects the profitability from your equipment
by Scott Burton, Royce Ayr Cutting Tools

3:30 pm – Preserve your Investment $:
CNC Service & Maintenance Questions
by Carl MacConnach, Scarlett Machinery

HAPPY HOUR – Refreshments & Soft Pretzels

Seminars – Wednesday, Oct 30

9:30 am – Stop getting “Ripped$” off by your Yield:
Understanding Rip and Cross Cut Yield
by Bob Nahikian, Weinig

10:00 am – The Dirty Secret about Dust Collection
by Conan Burkhardt, Nederman

10:30 am – $Pay now Or $Pay Later:
Learn how tooling directly effects the profitability from your equipment
by Scott Burton, Royce Ayr Cutting Tools

11:00 am – Preserve your Investment $:
CNC Service & Maintenance Questions
by Carl MacConnach, Scarlett Machinery

LUNCH BREAK- German Food
1:00 pm – The ABC’s of CNC:
What you should know before purchasing a CNC Router
by Ken Stissel C.R. Onsrud

1:30 pm – Don’t Get Pushed Over the Edge:
Edge Banding fundamentals
by Tim Keaveny, HolzHer

2:00 pm – What’s the Best Financing Fit for your Business:
You picked out your machine but now how do you pay for it?
by Tom Strickfaden

2:30 pm – Scrap To Cash$:
See how to reduce your scrap handling cost & how to increase the value of your scrap with the correct shredding & grinding equipment
by Bret DeCamp – Cresswood Shredding

HAPPY HOUR- Refreshments & Soft Pretzels

If you would like any additional information please reach out.






Dust Collectors in Stock

Nederman S1000 Dust Collectors -­ IN STOCK AT SCARLETT MACHINERY

Reduced operating costs through the efficient system and equipment design from Nederman.

Scarlett Machinery has a Special Offer on Nederman (S1000) Dust Collectors:

Until they are Gone!

Price is Too good to list, please call Scarlett Machinery Today “Dust Collectors in Stock”

Price: $11,280.00 MSRP- before our Special Discount.

Who Should Grab This Deal?

  • Anyone who wants to Extremely quiet operation, 
  • 5,000 CFM with Steel Impeller, 
  • or wants to Lower the risk of fire or explosion by using Nederman’s patented anti­static ‘Superbag’.

Here’s What You Get:

  • You get Includes a box of 50 waste bags at no charge.
  • You get Motor: 10HP; 3PH; 460 volt, 1750 RPM TEFC.
  • You get Quick clamps for easy removal of waste bags.
  • You get Continued support from, and access to, your Nederman project team, once the system is installed..
  • You’ll get proven experience and confidence with over 20,000 Nederman installations worldwide.

Offer Deadline:

This offer is good until they are all gone – so claim your deal right now before it’s gone!

More Details:

You can get all the details about “Dust Collectors in Stock” HERE ( Dust Collectors ) – but you can only claim this special discounted price from Scarlett Machinery.

Or if you already have a dust collector that you love and just want to order replacement bags, then you can do that here.

Dust Bag 38 x 72 ­ 50 per roll 6MIL …………………………………………………$123.00

Dust Bag 33 x 52 ­ 50 per roll 6MIL …………………………………………………$103.00

Nederman S1000

Call Scarlett Machinery Today 616-871-9889 or send us an email to


JOB OPENING: Showroom/Warehouse Manager

Scarlett Machinery Inc. has a job opening for a full-time Showroom/Warehouse Manager.

Watch this video below for the job description.

Please Apply to this job with a Video Application.

Shoot a Video telling us about yourself and why you would be a good fit for the job.

Show us an example of your organizational skills in the Video! ( i.e. Show us your Garage or toolbox!)

Submit your video link to sales@scarlettinc.com to apply!

Join the team at Scarlett!

Job Description Video- Shop Manager Final from Scarlett Inc. on Vimeo.

C.R. ONSRUD MODEL F145G15W10 5-Axis Pro Series CNC Machining Center -USED

C.R. ONSRUD MODEL F145G15W10 5-Axis Pro Series CNC Machining Center

Large format which is capable of machining 12′ long x 10′ wide by 41″ tall parts.

The entire frame has been thermal heat treated, stress relieved, & normalized, It has a 2 piece steel frame making it easy to transport and fit into a building. The Gantry has Dual Support, Dual drives with dual motors, Moving Gantry, Fixed Table Design with standard 2,000” per minute machining speed, full 3-D capability, precision ball screw drives for Z & Y axis, case-hardened, precision ground, helical rack & pinion drives for X-axis, precision linear profile guide ways, centralized manual lubrication system. SINGLE FIXED TABLE

41-inches of Z stroke – Increases 5-Axis Frame under bridge clearance & Z-stroke 41 inches

OSAI 10/510 Machine Controller System Option With Integrated PC Interface – Industrial CNC Machine Controller with High Res touch screen.

5-Axis 15 HP Short-nose Spindle – 4-Pole, 15HP – 24,000 RPM Double-Armature 5-Axis Spindle w/HSK-F63 Spindle Taper. Fully programmable, variable speed, quick-change spindle, capable of routing & drilling, programmable feed rates with override capability. A-Axis Rotation +/- 120 degrees, C-Axis Rotation + 300 / – 115 degrees.Chiller for Liquid Cooled Spindle Option – Adds a liquid cooling system & chiller in place of the standard fan & compressed air spindle cooling system. (Recommended when machining mostly non-ferrous metals or when using 20HP spindles or larger)

12 Tool – Dynamic Automatic Rotary Tool Changer – Fully Servo controlled instead of Stepper controlled or Rack-Style tool changers. The design eliminates misfires & quickly changes between 12 different tools – Able to Store Aggregates. You may require C-Axis or separate Aggregate Tool Changer option to hold some larger or non-standard aggregates.
Air Conditioned Electronics Cabinets – Recommended for extreme environments & some non-temperature controlled workplaces. Option replaces the standard heat exchanger system.


SALE PRICE $149,000.00

Contact James Scarlett for more Info:



Wood Waste: How Much Should You Plan For, And Why?

✅ Do you have a large dumpster full of scrap?

✅ Do you pay to have people take it away?

✅ Did you know that you can make money from selling your ground up wood? 

✅ Does anyone call you SCRAPPY? 

✅ Has anyone recently evaluated your overhead cost of wood waste?

✅  Do you pay people to move waste from one point to another, just to go through it away?


At Scarlett Machinery, our goal is to find a wood disposal program that best fits your company from both a cost and a sustainability standpoint. 

Our Scarlett solution experts will conduct a FREE Wood WASTE Analysis for your facility that factors in a number of variables:





Scarlett has years of experience helping sawmill, millwork, flooring, cabinetry, truss, wall panel, window and fixture companies tackle their scrap and material handling challenges. 

Scarlett solutions can help your company be more profitable by reducing hauling/tipping costs, material handling/labor costs, clearing valuable real estate of scrap waste and converting your wood scrap into a value-added salable material.

Scarlett has extensive experience helping companies in the furniture industry manage scrap from drops, end-trims, cutoffs and ripping. Our material handling & grinding equipment solutions greatly reduce material handling costs and make turn scrap into value-added product. We understand that different furniture manufacturing operations have different requirements, and can support both in-line processing or zone grinding. 

Your hardwood scrap, plywood, veneers, melamine laminates, and other scraps are no match for a quality grinder. Just one solid grinder can handle all your forms of wood scrap, and that creates costs savings that directly impact your bottom line.

Contact Scarlett Machinery Today:

E-mail: sales@scarlettinc.com

Phone: 616-871-9889

2019 C.R. Onsrud Tech Expo Recap

Troutman, North Carolina – C.R. Onsrud, American Manufacturer of CNC Machinery, hosted a 3-day event at their state of the art manufacturing facility last week, bringing together dealers and prospective customers from across the globe to view the latest C.R. Onsrud machines and technology. Check out the recap video below!

2019 C.R. Onsrud Tech Expo Invite

2019 C.R. Onsrud Tech Expo Invite

March 20th, 2019 | C.R. Onsrud Headquarters

 You have officially been invited to the 2019 C.R. Onsrud Tech Expo. Tour the C.R. Onsrud manufacturing facility, watch live machine demos, learn about latest C.R. Onsrud technologies, and engage with Engineers, Owners, Dealers, and Sales Representatives from C.R. Onsrud.

Event Date: March 20th
Event Time: 9:00 AM – 2:30 PM


E-MAIL: sales@scarlettinc.com

Phone: 616-871-9889


SawStop Price Increase


SawStop just announced their first price increase in 10 years!

Prices for SawStop Table Saws will go up effective Feb 1st 2019.

If you are in the market for a new table saw for 2019….

Now is the Time to get one!

Please Contact Scarlett Machinery to take Advantage of Current Pricing.




Weinig / Holzher USA Next Level 2019 Wood Processing Technology Event

weinig holzher next level

I would like to invite you to NEXT LEVEL 2019 – The Wood Processing Technology Event of the Year. Hosted by Weinig Holz-Her USA, this two-day event will demonstrate equipment and technology that will bring your shop to the next level. Join us for live machining demonstrations, relevant seminars, and a time to network with other woodworking professionals. Register online at www.weinigusa.com/NEXTLEVEL2019 .

Feel free to contact us with any questions regarding this event.


Scarlett Inc.

Contact Scarlett to learn more about these special promotions!

weinig moulders

Contact Scarlett to Register for the event.


Email: sales@scarlettinc.com



EnVision Seminars

Weinig’s commitment to Industry 4.0 technology reaches far beyond single-piece machining. EnVision software allows users complete flexibility and control in their manufacturing process. Break out of restrictive traditional manufacturing methods and take advantage of on-demand production with EnVision.

EnVision for Small-Mid Size Shops
Focus: Cabinet manufacturing and panel processing
Thursday 9:00am, Friday 3:00pm

EnVision for Large Wood Processing Facilities
Focus: Solid wood processing systems
Thursday 3:00pm, Friday 9:00am

EnVision Capabilities and Overview
Focus: General overview and demonstration
Thursday 11:00am, Friday 11:00am

Maintenance Workshops

Edgebander Maintenance Workshop

Gain insights from years of experience as we dive into various aspects of edgebander maintenance. Learn from our team as we discuss troubleshooting techniques, preventative maintenance, and general operational performance. Take the fear out of PUR glue use by learning how easy changeover and cleanup can be. Learn how to properly apply lubricant and change tooling.

Thursday 2:00pm
Friday 11:00am

Moulder Maintenance Workshop

Get the most out of your Weinig Moulder with professional maintenance insights, in-depth troubleshooting techniques, and best-practice preventative maintenance measures. Our Moulder Maintenance Workshop is designed to be a highly interactive and insightful time with some of our most experienced moulder technicians. This hands-on opportunity allows attendees to increase their knowledge of the inner-working of a Weinig moulder.

Thursday 10:00am
Thursday 4:00pm

Friday 10:00am
Friday 2:00pm

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5 axis CNC RoutersCNC machining centers saves time and provides maximum flexibility for your production needs. We represent only the finest American Engineered CNC products to ensure our customers have the highest performing machines in the industry. The machines are packed up and ready to ship. Price includes loading on a truck. Used CNC RoutersThese machines can be configured in in a large variety of spindle horsepowers and many different style frames and formats. 5 axis CNC Routers and New / Used CNC Routers

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