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5 Axis CNC Seminar

March 15th & 16th

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What We Do

Scarlett Machinery specializes in the sale of new and used industrial machinery to Grand Rapids, Detroit as well as most of Michigan, Ohio and Indiana. By combining our years of knowledge, experience and the best machine tools in the industry, we provide manufacturing solutions designed to improve workflow and provide cutting solutions in most woodworking and non-ferrous applications.

If you are looking for help choosing the best industrial machine for your needs, in a price range that fits your budget, give Scarlett Machinery a try.

3D Printing & Printer Sales


Additive Manufacturing or 3D Printing has evolved from a method of rapid prototyping into a viable means of production. By partnering with 3D Systems, Scarlett is providing solutions from the most complete lineup of technology in the 3D Printing industry.  We also offer our advanced knowledge and expertise to rapidly produce your full color prints, engineered plastics, or even dense metal parts.

CNC Router Sales & Service


Based on your production needs, CNC machining centers can save you time, material and provide flexibility enabling you to compete effectively and efficiently. We chose to represent only the finest engineered CNC routers in the industry so our customers can trust the machine tools and in-turn trust us with future needs.

Woodworking Machine Tools


Scarlett Machinery has been providing progressive woodworking solutions to this area since 1966.  Based on these years of experience, we can help you select, install and operate the perfect woodworking machine tool for your needs. We have both new and used machines for sale to help fit your budget and workload.

Featured Products

Price: $39,900.00
CMS CNC Router-PF 102-4T+4M
Price: $30,000.00
HOLZ-HER Edgebander-1057 Streamer
Price: $41,000.00

CNC Routers - ScarlettScarlett Inc. Ohio Michigan is specialized in New/Used CNC Routers, 5 axis CNC Routers, Aluminum Fabrication and Aluminum cutting Machine, Used Woodworking Machinery, Solid Wood Manufacturing, Aerospace Product and Parts Manufacturing in Ohio Michigan.Aluminum Fabrication - Scarlett

5 axis CNC Routers and New / Used CNC Routers Ohio Michigan

5 axis CNC RoutersCNC machining centers saves time and provides maximum flexibility for your production needs. We represent only the finest American Engineered CNC products to ensure our customers have the highest performing machines in the industry. The machines are packed up and ready to ship. Price includes loading on a truck. Used CNC RoutersThese machines can be configured in in a large variety of spindle horsepowers and many different style frames and formats. 5 axis CNC Routers and New / Used CNC Routers

Aluminum cutting Machine & Aluminum Fabrication Ohio Michigan

We provide solutions for cutting aluminum with CNC machining centers as well as other machine cutting options. Aluminum cutting MachineGive us a call so that we can evaluate your workflow and engineer a solution to fit your metal cutting operation. Aluminum cutting Machine & Aluminum Fabrication

Used Woodworking Machinery Ohio Michigan

We work with numerous applications from solid wood to panel processing. Used Woodworking MachineryIf you are looking for a space saving, economical, high-quality machine to fit your budget, look no further. Used Woodworking Machinery

Solid Wood Manufacturing Ohio Michigan

We work with numerous applications from solid wood to panel processing. Offers solutions for a wide array of operations from small woodworking shops, to large progressive manufacturing plants. Solid Wood ManufacturingEvery component on our machines is designed and created using the latest technology in precision laser cut and CNC press break machinery and assembled using a simple bolt-together construction without any welds. Solid Wood Manufacturing

Aerospace Product and Parts Manufacturing Ohio Michigan

Advanced materials outperform conventional materials with superior properties such as toughness, hardness, durability and elasticity. Aerospace Product and Parts Manufacturing Ohio MichiganThey can have novel properties including the ability to memorize shape or sense changes in the environment and respond. Aerospace Product and Parts Manufacturing