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2000 Finger Jointer FJ-20017

2000 Finger Jointer FJ-20017


Finger Jointer FJ-20017 model FJNOVS16 is a medium production machine.

The profile machine is designed to cut horizontal finger in stock laying flat on the

board lug chains.

Production infeed parameters are as follows;

Board Thickness    5/8″ minimum  2″ maximum

Board Width        1-1/2″minimum  6″ maximum

Board Lengths         4″ Minimum  28″ maximum

Board Thickness Tolerance plus or minus 1/16″

Board Width Tolerance plus or minus 1/16″

Finish Board Length  16ft

Note: Material must be without crook, twist, or cup to insure proper joint quality

and assembly.

Narrow chain ( 2″ ) wide links.

Dual head finger jointer.

(2) 5 hp. trim saw motors with carbide tip saw blades.

(2) 3 hp. score saws with carbide-tipped saw blades.

(2) 15 hp. cutter head motors.

Variable speed electric drive at 30 to 60 feet per minute.

Single chain with lugs on 12″ centers.

60 ft. per minute on 12″ centers equals 60 lugs per minute.

One Apquip glue system with 12-gallon glue tank, one applicator head, and clean-up tank.

Manual corner transfer assembly.

Medium Production Rapid Stop & Cut Assembly Section.

Air cylinder operated hold down.

Assembly Infeed conveyor with traveling fence.

Heavy duty electric assembly machine with powered top and bottom feed rolls and pressure shoe.

Powered side alignment rolls.

Variable feed speed up to 185 ft. per minute based on 16ft. cut off length.

Heavy duty cut off saw with 7-1/2 hp motor, carbide tipped saw blade.

16 ft. board press.

Hydraulic squeeze, rapid stop and cut and rack and pinon ejector.

One fully assembled, tested and operational hydraulic power unit complete, motors,

pumps, reservoir, oil cooler and filtration.

Motor Control Center with Programmable Logic Controller.

480V, 60 Hz, 3 phase.

Manufacturer Finger Jointer
Model FJ-20017
Year 2000
Condition Used

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