Wood Waste Grinders

It’s more than just wood! It is an invaluable, sustainable resource, which can be utilized down to the last splinter.

wood dust

Product Overview

Product Overview

Robust and Reliable

Cresswood manufactures the world’s most robust and reliable shredders and grinders for size reduction and recycling of plastic, wood, and paper. Engineered for durability and custom manufactured for your specific application requirements, our expert team delivers decades of experience to tackle any processing challenge. Unleash the power of innovative engineering and precision manufacturing with a Cresswood industrial shredder and grinder.

Space Saver

With wood shredders the options are endless. Wood chips can be used directly for energy generation or for briquetting. Valuable space can be saved for more productive uses. Scarlett Inc has the know-how to provide you with the shredding system that will most benefit your company.

Service First

Quite simply the world’s most robust hopper-fed shredders & grinders is what you can expect from Cresswood. No matter what your application may be or what product you need to run, Cresswood delivers unprecedented performance, superior longevity, and unparalleled operational efficiency. Combine that with our commitment to service and support before and after the sale, and the choice becomes very clear.

Custom Assistance

We will select from the wide variety of machines and configure the best option to fit your needs. We will outfit your machine with one of the many different rotor configurations and other ancillary options to make sure you get the final product you require. Whether you’re shredding lumber, chipboard/MDF, stairs, windows, doors pallets or semi-finished goods.

Product & Solution

Cresswood sincerely believes in the responsible stewardship of our natural resources, that’s why they are so passionate about helping their customers achieve their zero-waste initiatives. Cresswood is a family-owned, midwestern company with in-house engineering, design, and manufacturing capabilities. Their engineered to order solutions guarantee that you get exactly what you want, built with Cresswood quality and the shortest lead times.

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Scarlett Machinery specializes in the sale of new and used industrial woodworking machinery to Grand Rapids, Detroit as well as most of Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana. By combining our years of knowledge, experience, and the best machine tools in the industry, we provide manufacturing solutions designed to improve workflow and provide cutting solutions in most woodworking and non-ferrous applications.

If you are looking for help choosing the best industrial machine for your needs, in a price range that fits your budget, give Scarlett Machinery a try.