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Scarlett Machinery is a supplier of hydraulic press systems to woodworking, automotive, aerospace, and composite markets. Contact us today to see how their hydraulic hot press can benefit you.

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Lean manufacturing requires machines with zero setup and total flexibility to adapt instantly to batch sizes of one. With batch sizes of one, defects need to be as close to zero as possible. The Italpresse Mark/C through-feed hot press features a unique combination of a load scanning system and an axis control system for the cylinder stroke that allows complete random loading of the press from load to load without any input from the operator              

PV Press – PHF Press

Applications for bending presses include the production of chair components, bed components, curved doors, and commercial and residential fixtures and furniture parts. These presses can be supplied in many different sizes and pressure ranges. Downstroke and up-stroke versions are available.  The presses can be supplied with RF (Radio Frequency) generators to accelerate the stabilization and glue curing processes. These presses can be customized with special features and devices to best fit your application. Italpresse can supply complete systems including steam autoclaves, pre-bending presses, bending presses, and RF generators.

PV Press – PHF Press

The MATRIX with an automatic pin pedestal system is the pinnacle of Italpresse’s range of air membrane presses.  It is designed and engineered for the highest requirements in productivity, flexibility, and reliability.  Its creation is the evolution of designing and manufacturing thousands of membrane presses since 1980.

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Estrema is available as a membrane or membrane-less version and can be supplied with one, two, three trays with manual or automatic movement. The trays can be equipped with the exclusive Italpresse PSS (PIN SUPPORT SYSTEM) that completely eliminates the need for panel raisers and accelerates the production changes.

XL Hot Press

 In single or multi daylight formats for lamination of HPL, veneer, honeycomb, composite materials, etc..

XL Hot Press

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