Contour Edgebander

The SNX nVision is a ground-breaking semi-automatic contour edgebander that offers truly amazing versatility, simple operation, and requires a minimal footprint in your shop.

Contour edge bander

Product Overview

Product Overview

Process with Minimal Setup

The nVision comes complete with a trimming unit and is able to process very large or small parts with minimal setup. It can work on straight or shaped (concave as well as convex) edges with a wide variety of edge tapes. Best of all, the US-made nVision offers high-performance operation at a truly great value!

Straight or Shaped Edges

Contour Semi-automatic Edge banding machine with trimming unit, able to process big or small panels.

It can apply straight or shaped (CONCAVE and CONVEX) edges with great versatility and ease to use.

Quick-change Glue Pot System

Allows you to remove a glue pot and exchange it for a new one with a different adhesive with a simple clamping arrangement - allows you to go from pot to pot in only a few minutes!

PLC Controller Enhancements

Make multiple changes for faster setup and production settings, including on-the-fly selection of units of measure.

Trimmer Chip Vortex Extraction Efficiency

Modified shrouds that connect to the chip extraction system to provide much higher efficiency in removing banding trim waste.


  • UL Laboratory listed!
  • Efficient design using the latest engineering and manufacturing techniques
  • Large touch screen controller
  • Heavy-duty frame construction
  • Thin blade guillotine. (Patented)
  • Large Heavy Duty movable vacuum pod arm for ease of operation (max panel weight 230lbs)
  • State-of-the-art electronic control systems and High-Frequency motors
  • FLOATING Laser measurement to help ensure constant tight joints on closed panels. (Patent Pending)
  • Designed to apply hot melt EVA adhesive and edgebanding (Note: 0.5 to 3mm edgeband thickness)
  • Top and bottom trimming unit with auto tape thickness adjustment(Patent Pending)
  • Lower BELT drive system for smooth, quiet, long-life operation. No need for lubrication.
  • Compact size machine requires minimal shop floor space
  • Engineered for utmost machine stability even with large or heavy parts
  • PLC to set the length and the cut of the tape (by means of an encoder) for open and closed pieces;
  • Laser to make an easy Programmation of the cut for closed pieces with no need of measuring the piece;
  • On/off automatic feeder of the panel
  • Raisable working table for small panels

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