Bore and Dowell

CNC (Computer Numeric Control) drill and dowel inserting machines for fully automatic bore, glue and dowel insertion. Use the Index CNC to provide automated precision control of your production process. The Index series of drill, glue and dowel machining centers provides a compact frame with speed, accuracy, flexibility and quality.

bore & dowel

Standard Features

Standard Features

Horizontal Drilling Unit

Horizontal drilling for dowels, pilot holes.

Dowel Insertion

Insert dowels into piece.

Standard Glue Nozzle

Glue insertion nozzle to complement dowel insertion unit.

Optional Features

  • Vertical Clamping Units
  • Top Vertical Drilling Unit
  • Z-Axis Controls
  • Y-Axis Controls
  • Miter and Rail Drilling Fences
  • Secondary Horizontal Drilling Unit
  • Secondary Glue Insertion Nozzle
  • Secondary Dowel Insertion Unit
  • Bottom Vertical Drilling Unit
  • Pocket Screw Router

Index Trend 130-330



Index Logic 70-130
  • Universal CNC controlled drilling and dowel inserting machine
  • Glue shot monitoring via GIC (Glue Injection Control)
  • Closed gluing system
  • Suitable for panel and solid wood processing
  • Optional additional horizontal and vertical drilling spindles
  • Relieves CNC machining centers workload
  • Optimal complement to nesting machines due to it’s ability to drill on the edges and insert dowels

The Logic 70 has a working width of 700mm (27-1/2″) with two zones and two steel side referencing stops. There are four pneumatic clamping cylinders. Max work piece thickness is 80mm.

The Logic 130 has a working width of 1300mm (51-1/8″). It is a truly independent 4 zone machine with 4 steel referencing stops. The center stop comes standard with a pneumatic switch to give quick access to the entire 1300mm working width. There are standard eight pneumatic clamping cylinders for work piece thickness max 80mm, work piece length min. 70mm.

Index Logic 130
Index Trend 130-330
The Index Trend is Gannomat’s second CNC drilling, gluing and dowel insertion machine. The Index Trend offers larger frame sizes (1300mm – 3300mm) and additional options not available with the Index Logic. These options can be added individually according to the customer’s production. Index Trend 130-330
Index Pro 130-330
The Pro provides the most options in the Index series of CNC dowel insertion machines which makes it an excellent choice for dowel insertion, machining for RTA fittings, drawer parts, frames, confirmats and all production requiring multiple boring patterns and hole sizes. The Index Pro also provides routing and grooving options.

The Pro has the added advantage of incorporating horizontal and vertical drilling units with three to seven individually programmable boring spindles each. This provides your production the most flexibility in a CNC dowel insertion machine.

Index Pro 130-330

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