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The Right 3D Printer for Your Needs

By partnering with industry leader 3D Systems, Scarlett is providing solutions from the most complete lineup of technology in the 3D Printing industry. From full-color prints to engineered plastics; from injection-molded surface finish to fully dense metal parts, Scarlett is ready to help you find the correct 3D Printer that will leverage your business into the next industrial revolution.

  • Color Jet 3D Printing
  • Multi Jet 3D Printing
  • Stereolithography
  • Select Laser Sintering
  • Direct Metal 3D Printing


Scarlett Inc. Service Area

Scarlett Machinery specializes in the sale of new and used 3D printers to Grand Rapids, Detroit as well as most of Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana.



Direct Metal 3D Printing

“Produce functional metal components without the cost and lead time of tooling”

A high-powered laser welds metallic powders into fully dense metal parts at a resolution up to 25 microns (40 layers per mm) with DMP. Featuring open architecture, and a proprietary scan strategy, these machines produce functional metal components without the cost and lead time of tooling. With automated powder handling and excellent atmosphere control, your operators will comfortably and safely process reactive metals.


  • Production Grade Machinery
  • Manufacturing Quality
  • Complex Geometry
  • Wide Range of Alloys
  • Safe Material Handling
  • Finest Detail Resolution of Any Metal Printing


3D Systems Scarlett Direct Metal Printing

metal printing

3D Systems Figure 4

Figure 4 enables high-speed direct digital production, a process that complements traditional production methods, providing manufacturers the accuracy, reliability, repeatability, and uptime of traditional molding, producing parts without the costs and time-consuming aspects of tooling.

High-Speed Direct Digital Production

Figure 4 delivers ultra-fast additive manufacturing technology with systems that offer expandable capacity to meet your present and future needs. With access to a range of innovative materials, Figure 4 enables tool-less alternatives to traditional injection molding or urethane casting processes with direct digital production of precision plastic parts. Get the quality and performance of injection-molded parts with smooth surface finish and exceptional sidewall quality, without the time or cost of tooling.



3D Systems Scarlett Figure 4 Modular
3D Systems Scarlett Figure 4 Production
3D Systems Scarlett Figure 4 Stand Alone

Selective Laser Sintering

“A laser fuses particles of powder together in fine layers in the SLS process”

A laser fuses particles of powder together in fine layers in the SLS process. With a material palette including aluminum impregnated and glass-filled nylons, you can rest assured that your thermoplastic parts will function exactly as intended. With SLS, complexity is free, coupled with a vast material range and large build size, you can enjoy the manufacturing opportunities that come along with this amazing technology.


  • Build Size
  • Speed (7x faster than FDM)
  • Toughest Applications
  • Production Grade Materials
  • Low Unit Part Cost
  • Complete Design Freedom


3D Systems Scarlett Selective Laser Sintering


“The broadest application range with the finest surface quality”

Invented by Charles Hull, the founder of 3D Systems, SLA is the original 3d Printing technology. Utilizing UV cured photopolymer resins, this technology has the broadest application range, spanning the entire Product Life Cycle, from Concept Development through Manufacturing. SLA features the finest surface quality, literally unmatched accuracy and precision, the lowest unit cost of production and the largest build platforms. The 20 different materials in the product portfolio assure you that SLA can produce the parts you need in the timeframe that you need them.


  • Unmatched Accuracy and Precision
  • Material Diversity
  • Cost per part
  • Speed
  • Broad Application


3D Systems Scarlett Stereolithography

Multi Jet 3D Printers

Multi-Jet 3D Printed Part

“Incredibly refined models for proving your design intent”

When fit, form and function are critical, turn to MJP. High-resolution plastics are utilized with wax supports to provide incredibly refined models ideal for proving detail in the design. Smooth surfaces with no stair-stepping on curved sidewalls are the hallmarks of MJP. With the physical properties of ABS, and the tolerances of injection molded parts, you can prevent design issues upfront, reducing the risks


  • High-Performance Plastics
  • Office Friendly
  • Accuracy and Resolution Detail
  • Excellent Use Flexibility
  • 5 Year Printhead Warranty


3D Systems Scarlett Multi Jet Printing

Color Jet 3D Printers

Intended for concept applications, Color Jet Printing is an incredible communication tool. Utilizing ink jet heads to selectively apply colors and binding agents, parts are built layer by layer into a visually stunning model. From prototype iteration to surgical planning, this technology is ideal for streamlining critical processes.


  • Speed
  • Cost (lowest of any 3DP Technology
  • Full Color (CMYK)
  • Office Friendly
  • Easy to Use


3D Systems Scarlett Color Jet Printing

Multi-Jet printed part

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