Alex Samra

3D Printing Manager


Alex brings to the table thousands of printing hours across a variety of applications and processes. While in college Alex owned 2 FDM printers and a DLP system which he used to run his own business prototyping golf clubs, computer hardware, musical instruments, and a variety of other functional parts for local companies. Alex also has a variety of experiences managing collegiate projects and research teams that leveraged 3D printing to create prototypes and final production parts for telescopes, rockets, and satellite systems. His experience applying 3D printing to the most extreme environments motivates him to stay up to date on cutting-edge technology and the ever-growing applications of additive manufacturing. He is also passionate about materials science and continues to refine his understanding of the best materials, printing processes, and post-processing for various applications.


Bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering at the University of Michigan

The Fun Stuff

While he’s not working Alex enjoys spending time outdoors either hiking, skiing, or skateboarding. He also plays several instruments, including some unique ones that he invented himself using additive manufacturing and aeroacoustic knowledge. Alex likes watching youtube videos and participating in seminars to stay up to date on the latest and greatest in additive manufacturing, automation, and the aerospace/automotive industries.