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Used Machinery Quotation

Machine:USED BUSS 66-40 PLANER-66-40
Stock Number:PL070000389


Used Buss 66-40 Single Surface Planer. - equipped with Hermance Helical Cutterhead, - 40" x 8" Cap., 20 HP - 3,600 RPM direct drive single top head, top sectional infeed rolls, sectional chip breaker, - 1/16" Min. - 8" max. manual opening with indicator, min. stock length 14" and 4" butted, manual table raise-and-lower; variable speed infeed 28 - 85 FPM, - Complete with: pressure lubricator, push button magnetic control & shaving hood. - 40 HP, 460V, three phase. The head has been removed from the machine, dynamically balanced, and reassembled into the machine with new bearings. The infeed roller assembly was removed and all springs were replaced and the assembly realigned in the machine. All lube points were cleaned, fittings and lines repaired or replaced to assure all getting proper lubrication. Belts were checked for proper condition and properly tensioned. Variable speed drive mechanism was rebuilt with new bearings installed. Machine was precision leveled and and all adjustments made on infeed and outfeed pressure rollers and chipbreakers. Insert knives were rotated to the third cutting edge before testing the accuracy and quality of the cut.