Used Vecoplan Retech VH18 60CW horizontal wood grinder. Machine Infeed Opening: 18″ wide x 5″ tall cutting area Installed Sizing Screen: Reinforced, close-tolerance radius with adjustable fitting with 3/4″ openings Infeed System: Dual, individually powered, hardened rollers with asymmetrical pattern for consistent and safe feed, electrically interlocked infeed rate, 10-year warranty against wear Standard Infeed Conveyor: 16′ long with amp-controlled infeed rate, coil spring and torsion returns, closed-ended to accept long strips, Rotor Diameter: 16″, self cooling profile, Number of Cutters: 24, 4-way indexable, concave profile, D-2 hardened compound Cutter Profile: Linear arrangement for direct infeed without material twsiting Screen Size: 3/4″ Drive Motor HP: 60 HP TEFC Achievable Throughput: 2000-3000 pounds per hour equipped as specified, depending on product mix and feeding Voltage: As required Safety Consideration: This machine is fitted with Vecoplan’s exclusive milled rotor end pockets. This permanent feature is maintenance free over the life of the grinder and is designed to automatically expel trapped material for reduce wear and to prevent a possible fire hazard. Discharge: Integrated 12″ pneumatic discharge port New counterknife anvil installed, all teeth and pockets checked. Two sided of teeth already used, 2 side are still good with a few exceptions where there are on 3rd edge.

Machine Stock Number: WH070000478
Member Stock Number: 12670

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