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Used Machinery Quotation

Stock Number:EB0200000072


Used Brandt Model KD-99 CF Optimat Automatic Edge Bander; equipped with a PC-16 Program Control with a passive matrix 7.4" color LCD screen, 8 Mb IDE Flash Disc 100 MhZ 486 DX4 hard drive, 8 Mb RAM and internal modem for remote diagnostic link; with a motorized upper pressure beam for all work stations; large coil table (800mm diameter); with a two motor (3 H.P. each) Joint Trimming Unit with cutterheads; automatic magazine for strip and coil feeding with program controlled pressure zone (first roller driven and four idle pressure rollers); Quickmelt Gluing System QA-34 with large granulate hopper with automatic glue feed system; with infrared heating unit between the glue roller and pressure zone; End Trimming Station (two 1 H.P. motors) with program controlled pneumatic indexing from straight to bevel; Fine Trimming Unit #1 (two 2 H.P. motors) with horizontal and vertical tracing wheels with program controlled pneumatic indexing; Fine Trimming Unit #2 (two 3/4 H.P. motors) with horizontal and vertical tracing wheels with digital "Quickset" system and program controlled pneumatic indexing; Contour Trimming Unit (four 1/2 H.P. motors) with program controlled indexing; scraping unit with quick change heads and program controlled indexing; oscillating jump buffing unit (two 1/3 H.P. motors); with an electronic frequency changer for all trimming motors and brakes; a safety and sound enclosure with a 3 H.P. feed motor delivering a feed speed of 52 F.P.M. and with electrical controls wired for operation on AC 3/60/230 volts; having capacities of 0.0016" to 205/32" edgeband thickness. 1/2" to 2-3/8" edgeband height and panel thickness from 5/16" to 2-3/16" and with all related equipment. Serial Number: 0-261-02-8131.