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Used Machinery Quotation

Stock Number:EB0200000107


Used Brandt Model KD-97C Optimat Automatic Edge Bander; equipped with an automatic height adjustment of all work stations when motorized pressure beam is adjusted; with a PC-16 program control with passive matrix color LCD screen, 7.4 inches; control panel located at machine infeed; automatic magazine for strip and coil feeding; QA-34 quickmelt granulate glue application/n system; reversible rotation of glue application roller; 3mm PVC capacity guillotine; infrared heating unit between glue roller and pressure zone; program controlled motorized pressure zone, first pressure roller driven and four idle pressure rollers, all with pneumatically controlled pressure; double motor end trimming unit with straight and chamfer capability, chamfer up to 15 degrees (program controlled pneumatic indexing straight to bevel); top and bottom fine trimming unit with digital "Quickset" system with a tilt range of 0 to 25 degrees with program indexing; top and bottom fine trimming unit with digital "Quickset" system tilt range of 0 to 25 degrees with pneumatic indexing; top and bottom contour trimming units; scraping unit for rigid PVC edges with digital "Quickset" system with pneumatic indexing; oscillating jump buffing unit; PVC post heating system for dark PVC edge materials; with a sound and safety enclosure and with electrics wired for AC 3/60/230 volt operation; having a capacity of 0.4 to 20mm edgeband thickness, 12 to 60mm edgeband height, 8mm minimum panel thickness and 55mm maximum panel thickness and with all related equipment. Serial Number: 0-261-02-7572.