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NEW C.R ONSRUD MODEL F122E24 “5-Axis Extreme Series” CNC ROUTER

NEW C.R ONSRUD MODEL F122E24 “5-Axis Extreme Series” CNC ROUTER



Heavy Duty 5 Axis Machining Center, Thick Fixed Bridge & Vertical Supports, Thermal Heat Treated, Stress Relieved, & Normalized One-Piece, Steel Frame Base; Fixed Bridge, Twin Moving Table Design with 3600″ per minute machining speed, full 3-D capability, precision drives for ALL axes, precision linear guide ways, centralized manual lubrication system, 12 Tool – Automatic Tool Changer with two (2) HSK tool holders included, Twin Aluminum Tables function as independent tables. Twin Tables can also operate in tandem as a single table, with full table coverage. Each table has low vacuum sensing safety shut-off with override capability. Includes all switches, valves, gauges, safety interlocks, & Vacuum Plumbing necessary for either suck-through or dedicated spoil boards, and is easily modified for the use of pod systems. All tables include pressure sensitive safety-stop / emergency-stop bars along the front & rear, & machine is surrounded by a 360 degree emergency-stop cable.

41-inches of Z stroke – Increases 5-Axis Frame under bridge clearance & Z-stroke 41 inches

Two Tables (5’X5′)

(2) 5’×5′ – Aluminum NEMI Vacuum Grid Table – Aluminum NEMI grid table enables the conversion from total flow-through vacuum hold-down to pods, pins, fixtures, etc. with higher accuracy part positioning

FANUC 31i-B5 Machine Controller System With Integrated PC Interface

5-Axis – 24 HP Spindle – Double-Armature, 5-Axis Long Nose Spindle w/ HSK-63F Spindle Taper, fully programmable & reversible, variable speed, quick-change spindle, capable of routing & drilling, programmable feed rates w/override capability. A-Axis Rotation +/- 120 degrees, C-Axis Rotation + 300 / – 115 degrees.

Chiller for Liquid Cooled Spindle – Adds a liquid cooling system & chiller in place of the standard fan & compressed air spindle cooling system.

Automatic Oil Fog Mist Lubricator – Sprays a fine oil mist on the tip of the bit, for cooling purposes

12 Tool – Dynamic Automatic Rotary Tool Changer – Fully Servo controlled. Design eliminates misfires & quickly changes between 12 different tools.

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Komo VR 510TG CNC Router, 10 stations, 5 ft. x 10 ft. table, 3 phase, 48v, vari-speed 626 MC5 Vector Control w/Dynaseal vac pump, Heviduty 30KVA 3 phase transformer GE Fanuc readout. Equipped with HSD 13.4 HP spindle; HSK 63F, 12 position rotary tool changer; automated tool presetter; boring block with (9) vertical spindles; DNC scheduler with Intelligent Spoilboard Management; GE Fanuc Panel i CNC Control; Komo Production Management Software; Modular Grid Table w/ (4) pin part location; central automatic oil lubrication system; air conditioner for electrical panel; Travini 25HP vacuum pump 380 cfm.



call Scarlett Today 616-871-9889 or e-mail us at media@scarlettinc.com

Used C.R. ONSRUD MODEL F122HD15 “ Dual FIVE-AXIS Extreme Duty Series” CNC ROUTER

used c.r onsrud cnc router

Dual FIVE-AXIS Extreme Duty Series

(62″X122” axis travel) – with: Thick Cast-Iron Fixed Bridge & Cast Iron Vertical Supports, Thermal Heat Treated, Stress Relieved, & Normalized One-Piece, Steel Frame Base; Fixed Bridge, Twin Moving Table Design with 3600″ per minute machining speed, full 3-D capability, 10′ x 15′ footprint, precision ball- screw drives for ALL axes, precision linear guide ways, centralized lubrication system, Includes OSAI PC Front Series 10/510i – 6-axis CNC / PC Front Controller w/remote PC.

Includes Liquid Cooled, 4-Pole, 11Kw, 24HP – 22,000 RPM Spindle w/HSK-63 Spindle Taper. Fully programmable, variable speed, quick- change spindle, with air blast, capable of routing & drilling, programmable feed rates with override capability, 12 TOOL – AUTOMATIC TOOL CHANGER with two (2) HSK tool holders included, TWIN ALUMINUM TABLES function as two independent 61″ x 61″ tables or can also operate in tandem as a single 122″ x 61″ table, with full table coverage

All tables include pressure sensitive safety-stop / emergency-stop bars along the front & rear, & machine is surrounded by a 360 degree emergency-stop cable.

HSK-63 Spindle Taper & Tool Changer Adapter – This Upgrade from ISO-30 Taper Spindle & Tool Changers Provides up to 5 Times the clamping force, & allows the use of Router Tooling Weighing up to 2-1/2 Times the weight & measuring up to 2-1/2 Times the diameter

5-Axis Liquid Cooled Spindle Option – Adds a liquid cooling system & chiller in place of the standard fan & compressed air spindle cooling system. (Only recommended when machining mostly non- ferrous metals or when using 20HP spindles or larger)

High Speed – High Production – Digital Brushless AC Servos Larger servos, drives, & amps for faster feed rates, heavier cutting, & increased accuracy

12 Tool – Dynamic Automatic Rotary Tool Changer Upgrade – Upgrade to Fully Servo controlled instead of Stepper controlled or Rack-Style tool changers. Design eliminates misfires & quickly changes between 12 different tools – Able to Store Aggregates. You may require C-Axis or Aggregate Tool Changer option to hold some larger or non-standard aggregates – (w/2 free HSK-63 tool holders)

Pneumatic Controlled Vacuum Switches – (One for each table or zone). Controlled via pull switches on AMCB&R equipped machines. Controlled via either touch screen or M-code on OSAI machines. OSAI 10/510i Machine Controller System Upgrade With Integrated PC Interface – OSAI Numerical Control with OSAI “Win-NBI” PC Interface, High-Res touch screen, network capability, plus adds Larger OSAI Digital Drives & Servos. Includes Full remote diagnostic troubleshooting capabilities. Adds m- code controlled vacuum zones. Provided with 4-port network hub (requires 460V out isolation transformer) Includes HSM (High Speed Machining) Functionality & TCP (Tool Center Point)

LIST PRICE NEW: $380,000

PRICE $ 185,000

IMG_4246 IMG_4248 IMG_4250 IMG_4251 IMG_4252 IMG_4256 IMG_4253


Weinig Powermat 700: the next generation of Moulders

New Powermat 700: Entry into the next generation of Weinig moulders

The introduction of the Powermat series in 2004 revolutionized 4-sided machining. This was the first time that HSK spindles were used in this Weinig series. The compact, PowerLock tool system with low set-up times has been in worldwide use ever since. Now, in the Powermat 700, Weinig is launching the next Powermat generation. This machine, too, can be equipped with the proven PowerLock system. The design of the machine incorporated our decades of experience from all markets. As a result, the moulder impresses with a high degree of innovation. In addition, a number of components have been optimized that combine to create a significant leap forward. The outcome is an extremely user-friendly, high-performance machine.

Powermat 700 – the technical highlights
The Powermat 700 has approx. 15% higher performance than standard moulders providing 6,000 rpm. The spindle speed of 7,000 rpm in the standard model means higher feed speeds and, thus, greater productivity with the same high surface quality. A speed of 8,000 rpm is optionally available, either in conjunction with drilling tools or PowerLock tools. The maximum feed speed of the Powermat 700 is 40 m/min.

Operation and set-up
Besides the excellent performance data, the outstanding feature of the Powermat 700 is the new Comfort Set operating concept. Comfort Set makes the Powermat 700 the most user-friendly moulder on the market. The settings can be made manually without the use of tools. The optional machine space monitoring represents significant progress for Weinig. This enables the axes to be adjusted while the machine is running, producing drastically shorter set-up times with dimension and profile changes without the need for tool changes. It also increases work safety.

There is also optimal access to the machine’s interior and all settings are made from the front side of the machine. On the adjustable components, scales with measurements enable precise positioning of pressure and guide elements. These and numerous other details provide the basis for high-quality end products, error prevention and safety of the operator.

The Powermat 700 is also at the cutting edge when it comes to communication between man and machine. The smart touch function enables a wireless connection between controls and tablet. This way, the operator receives all setup-related information displayed wherever he is and whenever he needs it. During set-up, he receives graphic support on the display to avoid operating errors.  Photo and video functions facilitate additional operation and servicing.

Ergonomics and design
Large surfaces and clear edges give the Powermat 700 a modern, striking appearance in the unmistakable Weinig design. The large front panel combined with the LED lighting in the machine interior provides good visibility even when the hood is closed. The table has been raised to achieve better ergonomics for the operator.

Energy efficiency and safety
Maximum profitability is a question of energy consumption. The Powermat 700 particularly impresses here via optimization of chip extraction and the enlarged diameter of the extraction hoses. This means less extraction is required and hence less energy consumption. The good chip collection and removal also minimizes the risk of chip impact against the workpiece surface. Finishes and tool service lives also benefit significantly. The use of IE3 motors from the latest generation of motors increases the energy efficiency of the Powermat 700 compared with previous machines in this performance category.

Proven Weinig technology
The principle of only changing successful systems when there is a demonstrable effect has also been retained in the new Powermat. The machine has the Memory Plus machine control system, which ensures repetition precision when manufacturing from saved profiles. An additional option is the PowerCom control system, including collection of machine and operating data. On the tool side, the customer has at their disposal the PowerLock technology with its proven benefits of concentric accuracy and minimal set-up times.  The solid cast-iron stands ensure optimal smooth running of the machine. The Powermat 700 can be individually tailored to customer requirements with a range of options.
As a complete provider in solid wood processing, Weinig also offers a system for the moulder environment. Tools, grinders, tool measurement and automation help to exploit the full performance potential. The new Weinig System Plus allows all elements from profile drawing to set-up of the Powermat 700 to be networked perfectly as required.

Future-proof investment
The new Powermat series underlines Weinig’s status as technology leader in standard machines for planing and profiling. For workshops, the new Powermat 700 entry model ensures production in Weinig quality and with optimal profitability, regardless of the batch size. The balanced combination of proven technology and innovation enables all wood working professionals to gain the necessary edge over the competition to ensure long-term success in the market.

1.    Weinig Powermat 700: The new generation of moulders is full of innovations and enhancements
2.    No problem with Weinig technology: Optimal quality with simple operation thanks to Comfort Set

Used C.R Onsrud CNC Router 145G18D

CR Onsrud Model 145G18D Panel Pro Series CNC Router

145″ x 61″ Axis travel Moving Gantry 2,500″ per minute machining speed Full 3D capacity 14″ Gantry clearance 11″ Z axis stroke 18 HP Spindle – 24,000 RPM (3) Independent vacuum zones 12-Position ATC OSAI 10/510i Control upgrade with integrated PC interface Handheld bar code reader (2) 25 HP Becker vacuum pumps with rack (3) Pneumatic controlled pop-up perimeter position pins

Year: 2008

Used CNC Router

12,621 Hours

IMG_3837 IMG_3838 IMG_3839 IMG_3840 IMG_3841 IMG_3842 IMG_3843 IMG_3845 IMG_4106


Price: $99,900


AWFS-Event-Header-2015-NEWWoodworking’s most innovative and exciting trade event of 2015 brings the future into focus—and the picture’s better than ever! For the products, equipment, tools and solutions that will propel your business forward, attend AWFS®Fair 2015, July 22 – 25 in Las Vegas. The industry’s expanding, we’re expanding—let us help you grow, too.

Exhibit Hall Pricing:
Register by July 20, 2015 $25
Register after July 20, 2015 $50

Wednesday, July 22 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Thursday, July 23 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Friday, July 24 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Saturday, July 25 9:00 am – 3:00 pm

Click here to Register

AWFS®Fair has the products you need in every category:

Anti-pollution equipment
Building products
Business services
Cabinet doors
Closet components and systems
Computer hardware
Construction materials
CNC Routers and Machining Centers
Design services
Door & window manufacturing equipment
Drawer components
Dust extraction
Engineered wood products
Environmental & safety equipment
Exotic woods
Filling materials
Financial services
Finishing equipment & supplies
Framing materials
Furniture components
Furniture restoration supplies
Hand tools
Home organization components
Home theatre components
Industry services
Laminating equipment
Material handling equipment
Panel processing equipment
Plant layout and design
Plant maintenance & operation
Power tools
Primary processing equipment & supplies
Production services
Robots & robotic equipment
RTA components
Sanding accessories
Sanding equipment & systems
Saw blades
Shutter components
Solid wood processing equipment
Special products & accessories
Springing materials
Stair components
Tooling services
Upholstery & bedding
Veneers, lacquers & finishing supplies
Waste management
Wholesale distribution
Window & door hardware
Wood processing
Wood recycling

Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) Open House


*must be present to win

Thursday August 20, 2015 – 9 am – 6pm

9am Welcome and refreshments
9:30 – 10:15am 3D Printing from 3D Systems 
11am – Noon Direct Metal Printing
Noon- 2pm Lunch / Open House * We will be providing the Lunch 
2 – 2:45pm Production Applications of 3D Printing 
3 – 6pm Open House and Refreshments

Come and Learn about Production Applications of 3D Printing including:

•Small Batch Manufacturing


•Simulated Investment Cast Parts

•Temperature Resistant Pieces

•Machinable Parts

•Functional Prototypes


Learn why Complexity is Free:

•Constraint free design, Fact or Fiction

•Material properties that outperform conventional materials

•Compliment conventional manufacturing


Discuss the business cases for 3D Printing


•Tooling and Fixtures

•End-Use Parts

•Supply Chain Revolution



WHERE:  Scarlett Machinery Inc. 

4355 Airwest Drive SE

Grand Rapids, MI 49512



3D Printing Show Registration

This is a form to register for the 3d printing show on August 20, 2015 *must be present to win 3D printer
  • If a specific sales person told you about the show, we would like to know who.


fondoheader WhatIsGranFondo

We’ve registered to participate in the third annual Michigan State University College of Human Medicine Gran Fondo, a rolling party to benefit skin cancer awareness, prevention and research at MSU, on Saturday June 27, 2015 in Grand Rapids. Our hope is that you will join us in supporting a mission that is more than skin deep. Every dollar raised will make a difference by funding groundbreaking work at Michigan State University in the fight against skin cancer.


The MSU Gran Fondo is a fun, non-competitive cycling event to benefit skin cancer awareness, prevention and research at MSU. Italian for “Big Ride,” a Gran Fondo is a long-distance, mass participation cycling event geared toward cyclists of all abilities. The MSU Gran Fondo starts and ends in downtown Grand Rapids and offers multiple route lengths through scenic West Michigan. Stops along the way are a foodie’s delight, offering the area’s finest cuisine. At the end, an outdoor Finish Line Festival awaits with craft brews and wines, a grand feast and live music.

We started a team to fundraise because the MSU College of Human Medicine Gran Fondo is much more than a ride.  Register as a Virtual Rider and help me raise funds. If you can’t join us as a team member, please consider donating to our MSU Gran Fondo team by clicking on the link below for my team fundraising page.

To learn more, go to; www.MSUGRANFONDO.com. Together we make a difference. Thank you!



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Scarlett Brings Direct Metal Printing to the Big M


Grand Rapids, Michigan based Scarlett Incorporated has recently partnered with 3d printing industry leader, 3D Systems, to represent 3D Systems products in Michigan, Indiana and Ohio.  Scarlett, an industrial equipment distribution group, will be showcasing a ProX200 Direct Metal Printer from 3D Systems at the Big M.  The group has recently begun selling production grade 3d Printers to the tool and die, aerospace, automotive, medical and furniture industries.  “Additive Manufacturing, or 3d Printing, has grown from a method of rapid prototyping to a viable means of production for low to mid-volume or highly customized parts,” states Mike McLean, Director of Additive Manufacturing for Scarlett.  “With the production capabilities of 3d printing, businesses can streamline their product development processes and bring high performing parts into production without a significant investment in tooling.” 


By partnering with 3D Systems, Scarlett is providing solutions from the most complete lineup of technology in the 3d Printing industry.

“Our reputation is built on solutions, service and responsiveness; by partnering with 3D Systems, Scarlett is able to provide solutions from the most complete lineup of technology in the 3d Printing industry,” says Chris Timmer.

The team at Scarlett has recently installed a ProX300 Direct Metal Printer in it’s Grand Rapids showroom.  In Direct Metal Printing, a high powered laser welds fine metallic powders layer by layer, building a fully dense metal part, directly from 3D CAD data. “We hold the precedent of unparalleled technical competency with the machines we distribute,” explains James Scarlett.  “By having the ProX200 at the show, we’re able to engage manufacturers on their terms, and fully demonstrate this product’s capabilities.”

The Additive Manufacturing industry is projected to grow from $3.8B in 2012 to over $17B by 2020, with most analysts pointing toward the production part segment as the largest avenue for growth.  By offering solutions for production in high performing plastics and fully dense metal parts, Scarlett is primed to promote a large piece of this growth.  “We are incredibly excited to offer this technology to our manufacturing partners in the Midwest,” says McLean.




Increase efficiency. Reduce lead times. Improve margins. You need advanced solutions and you need them now. THE BIG M is the Great Lakes’ premier manufacturing event focusing on the innovative technologies, processes, and solutions that are shaping the future of manufacturing.

At THE BIG M, you will:

  • Find emerging technologies and process improvement solutions
  • Learn key trends and new applications from industry experts
  • Build the future through networking and student engagement

Register to attend THE BIG M and find what you need to accelerate your business and elevate your company above the competition.


Event Location

Cobo Center
One Washington Blvd.
Detroit, MI 48226

 Exhibit Hall Hours

Tuesday, June 2
10:00am – 5:00pm
Wednesday, June 3
10:00am – 6:00pm
Thursday, June 4
10:00am – 2:00pm



Cabinet Makers Open House


Scarlett Machinery is hosting a Cabinet Makers Open House on April 29th and April 30th, 2015 from 9am to 5pm. The open house will be located at the Scarlett Machinery Inc. building, 4355 Airwest Drive SE, Grand Rapids, MI. The Cabinet Makers Open House is open to local, out of town and out of state cabinetry manufacturers.

A light mid-day lite lunch is planned for both open house dates and attendees will have opportunities to speak with representatives and sales staff about available cabinetry manufacturing solutions. Seminars will also be held during the open house covering;

  • Modern Cabinet Manufacturing
  • Latest technology in Edge-banding
  • Contour edge-banding
  • Optimizing chop saw – getting the most from your raw materials
  • Door Assembly clamp, drawer clamp and panel clamping equipment
  • CNC Machining centers
  • Bore and dowell insertion equipment
  • End Coping Machine


The Cabinet Makers Open House will showcase to customers machinery that will help streamline the manufacturing process while making cabinets.

Manufacturers representatives will include:

  • Weinig – Solid Wood Machinery
  • HolzHer – Panel Processing Equipment
  • C.R Onsrud – CNC Routers
  • Gannomat – Bore and dowel Machinery
  • PMK – End Coping Machine
  • Doucet – Clamping and Material Handling Equipment
  • Cabinet Vision – Cabinet Software
  • Rehau – Edgebanding
  • SNX- Contour Edge-banding Machine
  • Nederman – Dust Collection

Business representatives are encouraged to attend for a day of networking and education about increasing their business’ profitability through the benefits of better manufacturing processes. RSVP’s are not needed, but to find out more about Scarlett Machinery, Inc. or the Cabinet Makers Open House, please contact Scarlett Inc. at 616-871-9889 or email media@scarlettinc.com

Wednesday April 29

9:30 – Cabinet Vision Software

11:00 – Contour Edge Banding

1:00 – MillVision and EnVision software solutions

3:00 – AlphaCam Software 

Thursday April 30th

9:30 – AlphaCam

11:00 – MillVision and EnVision Software Solutions

1:00 – Contour Edge Banding

3:00 – Cabinet Vision Software

Recent Addition: The Weinig Powermobile will be at the open house.

It is equipped with a Weinig Powermat 600 Moulder , Weinig ProfiRip KM310 2M Optimizing Rip Saw and we will be running demo’s in the parking lot!

Downloadable PDF CabinetMakersOpenHouseEvent


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5 axis CNC RoutersCNC machining centers saves time and provides maximum flexibility for your production needs. We represent only the finest American Engineered CNC products to ensure our customers have the highest performing machines in the industry. The machines are packed up and ready to ship. Price includes loading on a truck. Used CNC RoutersThese machines can be configured in in a large variety of spindle horsepowers and many different style frames and formats. 5 axis CNC Routers and New / Used CNC Routers

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